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You have the task. We have the solution.

Whether you are involved in motorsport; your company wants to present itself in its best light with a roadshow; you need to handle special shipments or you have a task for which you don’t yet have the right vehicle, at Schuler you can speak to experts who are always able to find a solution. From special vehicles to motorsport, promotion, special constructions, accident repairs or studies, there’s lots to discover – and even more to build. What can we do for you?

Purpose-built vehicles

We are familiar with the unfamiliar.

None is like yours. That is what you'll say when you receive your vehicle. Nothing we offer is off-the-shelf. Everything is customised and realised to match your special requirements.


You accel-erate — We excel-erate.

In a world where maximum performance matters, the seeds of success are sown early. Exactly why we give our all so you can achieve it all.


They cause a stir.

Want to reach customers while on a road show? You need a vehicle that can run the gamut: Represents your company, stands up to the demands of the event, attracts attention and is able to tackle tasks down the road. Where do you find all this? At Schuler.

Purpose-built vehicles

Impossible? - It is possible!

You say there are vehicles we have never built. - Never? Rather: not yet. At Schuler we find solutions for everything. Put us to the test.

Accident repairs

What happens when it happens.

Of course we hope that you never have to utilise this service. However, should an accident occur, your vehicle will be best looked after by us. This does not only apply to the vehicles we have built ourselves - and know in and out, but also to the (acci-) dent-stricken that did not come from Schuler.

From survey of damage and estimate of costs to fast repair service and supply of a spare vehicle - when an accident happens, just give us a call.