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Quality is not measured in size.

We are not the biggest, but neither does quality depend on size. After all, we do know that your expectations are best met by a team of experts who can fall back on years of experience. So you may not be in the hands of many - but with us you are in good hands.


Has the vehicle left the yard, we start working doubly hard.

Not that our vehicles come back quickly. However, while elsewhere the work stops once the vehicle has been delivered, our job has barely started. That is because we do not just deliver premium vehicles, we also provide support, maintenance service, modifications, and repairs - in short every possible service to ensure that your vehicle does the job - exactly the way you expect.

We are pleased to introduce some of the core areas of our work:

  • Comprehensive maintenance service and vehicle safety inspection (TÜV)
  • Upgrading, modification and conversion
  • Repair and paint work
  • Garage- and storage spaces for your vehicle outside the racing season
  • Pick-up and delivery service